Club Retro Rides

Club Retro Rides

What's this about!?

Retro Rides Forum has long been considered a club of sorts, being a community of like minded people to exchange information and enthusiasm about older (mainly modified) cars. It does however miss some of the key components of a club, the ability to organise at more local levels, the capability of offering limited discounts that some companies would like to, a way to reward the people at the core of our community beyond a “thank you” here and there.

With that in mind Club Retro Rides offers a membership that will both benefit the members as well as support Retro Rides on going efforts to improve the world of modified older cars both online and in the actual real world.

What do you get right now?

Why you should join?

Well this is the £20 question isn’t it. Yes that is the cost of annual membership. The small list of benefits above is only the beginning, we will be using the club membership as a basis for our stands at other people’s events (NEC, Retro Show etc. etc.). Oh yeah and next year Retro Rides Gathering plans to run the Saturday as a proper MSA covered competitive sprint, all competitors will need to be club members.

How do I join?

Head on over to our Store and grab Club Retro Rides Membership

You will receive and email with your club number and discount code in it, as well as the club membership sticker in the post. You will also be emailed a link where you can put your forum name in so we can activate ad free content.

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